What is Tellus?

Tellus is a web application that realizes UI automated testing including a wrapped module to make Selenium Grid, which enables distribution testing on multiple nodes possible, easier to use.
As a main feature, it is possible to describe test scripts with OutSystems Action, abstracting by human-centric operations such as "open, input, confirm", so you can write test scripts more concisely. 
This makes it possible to execute tests simply by passing parameters to Action, and it also eliminates the need to write troublesome Sleep processing , etc.



Standalone Configuration Example



Distributed Configuration Example





Write Test Script in Outsystems Visual Language

Add a special attribute to the element

Although we have prepared several selectors to identify elements, we recommend that you add a special attribute (test-id) to the extended properties of the target application.

Set parameters to Action

You can execute a single operation by specifying elements with Human Sentric Action and assigning parameters.

UserName.png Selectors.png UserNameSelector.png


PageObjects Pattern

Separate page specific details and the test scenario

Tellus can achieve the recommended PageObjects pattern in Selenium.
When designing an automated framework for testing web applications, we need to accept the fact that the target application and its components are subject to change.
Therefore, when new changes are made to the target application, it must be designed to minimize the required refactoring.
To do that, it is necessary to separate the page element ID and page-specific detailed information from the test scenario separately.

Abstract selectors

Selectors that are used repeatedly like ByTestId("CustomerName") are assigned as variables in Action, so if there is a change, you need only change that part.

PageObjects.png SelectorVariables.png


Parameterized Test

The parameterization test can be realized by passing a record in For Each from the record list created by Aggregate of OutSystems. Also, test data can be easily prepared with the unique function of Aggregate.




Compare and check the values acquired by command etc. with Text type, Integer type, Boolean type.

Assertion.png Comands.png Operator.png


Serial Execution and Parallel Execution

Tests in multiple environments within the same test case are performed serially. When running multiple test cases simultaneously, they are processed in parallel.
If the test case contains file download processing, avoid running multiple test cases at the same time. It may not be possible to get the correct file.



Download web page(OutSystems Forge)



Tellus has two editons available - Community and Enterprise.

Tellus Community Edition

For Free

Some Restriction

  • Maximum execution time is 30 seconds.
  • Continuous execution of multiple environment is impossible.
  • Simultaneous execution of multiple test cases is impossible.
  • Test case planning can not be executed.


Tellus Enterprise Edition

All Feautures

Support, Maintenance and Upgrade


License and Pricing for Tellus Enterprise Edition

Tellus Enterprise is our commercial product that can use all features without limitation. The commsercial lisence is 1-year subscription and include support, maintenace and upgrade. We offer two flavors - Mono and Universal.




per year

Up to 1 application can be installed per license.





$6,800 for 400AO

$4,000 for +400AO

per year

Unlimited installation within OutSystems single license per license.

・For OutSystems 800 AO, it will be $13,000 per year.